Soldbuch to Feldwebel Hans Probst. First issue from October 1940. This twenty-year-old butcher was called up to serve with Infanterie-Regiment 53 of the motorised 14. Infanterie-Division, shortly before the start of the Eastern campaign. Fighting on the central sector of the front (Smolensk, Rschew, ...), Probst soon began accumulating combat awards: from the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz for a minor wound in 1941, to the EKII, Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Bronze, EKI and Ostmedaille, all awarded in 1942.  

A second wound sustained in April 1942 would keep him away from the front, until early 1944 Probst joined a new branch: Feldjäger-Bataillon (mot) 2, part of the so-called Feldjägerkorps, a military police organization specially created to maintain order and discipline amongst the troops on and just behind the front lines. Composed of battle hardened veterans like Probst, the Feldjäger men wore a distinctive red armband and a gorget on their regular Heer uniform. Nearing the end of the war, the Feldjäger were also known for executions and other extreme measures, for example against deserters.  

While serving as a Feldjäger in the East, Probst was wounded a third time in July 1944, leading to the Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber as his sixth and final award. This salty Soldbuch is in a very used but still 100% complete condition. It has an excellent portrait photo showing his EKI and other awards in wear. Also notice the uncommon weapon entries for Erfurt and Singer pistols.

Feldjäger Soldbuch, EK1 with 14.ID

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