Wehrpass to Grenadier Hermann Himmelmann. First issue from July 1938. Himmelmann fought with Infanterie-Regiment 284 of the 96. Infanterie-Division on the Eastern Front (Nowgorod, Leningrad) until he was wounded by a bullet in his left shoulder mid September 1941. Following his release from hospital he joined a sister regiment of the 96.ID, Infanterie-Regiment 287 in February 1942, but was quickly hospitalised again, this time with frostbite in both his feet, sustained during the harsh winter on the Wolchow front. The permanent damage in his feet would lead to his release from the Wehrmacht in 1943. For his actions on the northern sector of the Eastern Front, he was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, the Ostmedaille and the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen.  

The Wehrpass is in a very good and complete condition, including a portrait photo in sport uniform. Also included is an extra photo of Himmelmann in uniform while still in hospital in 1942. Notice not only his awards in wear, but also his feet packed in cloth as he was not able to wear normal shoes.  

96.ID Wehrpass, frostbite on Wolchow

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