Soldbuch to Gefreiter Heinrich Flügel. First issue from August 1943. This seventeen year old left school for the Wehrmacht and by the start of 1944 he found himself with Grenadier-Regiment 127, part of the 48. Infanterie-Division newly formed on the Belgian coast at Oostende. It stayed there following D-Day and wasn't ordered south until August 1944, when the 48.ID secured the Paris area and tried to hold up the Allies. It retreated east towards the Lorraine and then Luxemburg, where it fought in September/October 1944 at the Moselle near Wasserbillig.  

Somewhere between September and December 1944, Flügel moved to Grenadier-Regiment 857, part of the 346. Infanterie-Division. In this time frame, the 346.ID retreated from Normandy north through Belgium, fought in the northern part of Flanders and was then rebuilt in a sector south of Rotterdam. During the final weeks of war it fought the Allies in the Apeldoorn-Zutphen area, before retreating west and surrendering between Zwolle and Harderwijk. The Soldbuch and the additional documents confirm that Flügel stayed with the same Kompanie (8./Gren.Rgt.857) until the surrender in Holland.  

The Soldbuch is in very good and complete condition, including a portrait photo of the very young Flügel. It comes with a few extras:

  • Photo of his position on the Belgian coastline ("Bunker Anni") on D-Day +5.  
  • Three earlier photos of his RAD service.  
  • Three documents from his POW time, includes one with a portrait photo and two mentioning his G.R.857 unit.  

Soldbuch 48.ID, 346.ID Belgium-Holland

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