Soldbuch to the very young Grenadier Georg Boros. Born in 1927, he was transferred to the Wehrmacht soon after his RAD service early 1945. During his training in BrĂ¼nn (Brno, Czech Republic), the Russians advanced rapidly and he soon took part in the fighting, "celebrating" his 18th birthday on the front. He ended up with Panzergrenadier-Regiment 28 of the 8. Panzer-Division fighting in Moravia, and was hit by shrapnel in his neck on 30th of April 1945. The boy was rushed to a hospital and survived, released by the Russians mid June. 

The Soldbuch is missing the portrait photo and pages 9 to 12. It comes with his own handwritten declaration from 1950, giving more details about his time on the front, his wound and his hospital time.  

8.Pz.Div. Endkampf WIA Soldbuch

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