• Wehrpass to Unteroffizier-Anwärter Franz Tiefenböck. He trained as a Panzeraufklärer and received the driving license for halftracks in July 1943. A few months later he reported to the Stab of the II. Bataillon of Panzergrenadier-Regiment 10, part of the 9. Panzer-Division then still fighting on the Eastern Front. By Spring 1944 he had retreated with his unit to southern France, where the regiment was refreshed. After D-Day, the 9th Panzer-Division was originally still held in the south, but on the afternoon of the 27th of July 1944, the division was ordered to Normandy where it would fight near Mortain and in the Falaise gap. Tiefenbröck was already wounded on the second day, 28th of July 1944, by a shot strafing his head and entering his shoulder. He was evacuated to the Heimat and survived the war.  
  • First issue Wehrpass (August 1942) in excellent and complete condition. It comes with an administrative paper sent along the Wehrpass to his reserve unit.  

Normandy WIA Wehrpass 9.Pz.Div.

  • Product Code: DK022