• Very large photo and document grouping to Unteroffizier Günther Naumann. Originally called up as a Heer mortar soldier in early 1941, he joined the Fallschirmjäger troops later that year. He was trained as a driver in a Fallschirmjäger-Kraftfahr-Ausbildungs-Kompanie and joined the Kriegsberichterzug of the XI. Fliegerkorps in October 1941. The staff of the war reporter platoon stayed in the Heimat and in his supporting role he led a quiet life, though there are some inidications he was in Greece and on the Eastern Front as well. Early 1944 he was sent to the Italian front with the Luftwaffen-Kriegsberichter-Kompanie z.b.V., part of the staff of the 1. Fallschirmjäger-Division. He lost a comrade on the Anzio front. During the last weeks of the war it seems he was sent to the Bau-Pionier-Bataillon 72, part of the 64. Armeekorps fighting on the Western Front. Naumann was awarded the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse in September 1944, and the Kraftfahrbewährungsabzeichen in Bronze in February 1945.  
  • The grouping consists of:  
    • Soldbuch in  good condition, page 1/2 is loose but it's a 100% complete with many entries.  
    • Photo album plus loose photo grouping, in total over 100 photos of which 90% military and mostly from his Fallschirmjäger time. Some of the highlights are group photos with well known PK reporters like Erwin Seeger and Ernst Grunewald, fantastic late-war FJ burial photos of a friend killed on the Anzio beachhead (Castel Porziano cemetery), photo with his freshly awarded KVK2, Fallschirmjäger helmets and equipment, camouflaged Krad, Italian women as kitchen personnel, Kriegsberichter cuftitle in wear, a very large (frameable) portrait and a real combat photo showing an Allied dive bomber attack on the Anzio front. The album has some missing photos and a nice "Erinnerungen" cover with Stahlhelm.  
    • His wartime (with nice cover) and postwar Arbeitsbuch.  
    • DAF Mitgliedsbuch of his wife.  
    • Some additional paperwork; RAD Entlassungsschein, Quittungskarte, ...

Fallschirmjäger Kriegsberichter grouping, Italy

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