• Wehrpass to Obergefreiter Karl Fabian. After joining the Wehrmacht in April 1940, he served with Infanterie-Regiment 305 of the 198. Infanterie-Division. After the occupation of France his division was moved to Romania as "Lehrtruppe", and invaded the southern sector of the Eastern Front from the first days of Barbarossa. Fabian earned the EKII, the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen and the Ostmedaille during his first year, and continued to fight with the division in 1942 and 1943 (Rostow, Kuban, Kiew, ...). He mostly served as an MG soldier and was also commanded to the regimental Radfahrzug (bicycle reconnaissance). On 3rd of January 1944, Obergefreiter Fabian was KIA in Sslobota in the Ukraine. His body is missing today. 
  • Wehrpass in excellent and complete condition.   

KIA Wehrpass 198.ID

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