• Zweitschrift Wehrpass (1944) to Obergefreiter Heinz Teuchner. Having joined the Luftwaffe in early 1941, Teuchner last served with the I. Abteilung of Flak-Regiment 43. He was transported from Napoli to Tripolis in Libya in February 1942. Later that year, he was involved in the battles for Tobruk and El-Alamein. Early 1943 his Abteilung was attached to the 15. Panzer-Division. Teuchner was killed in action on 1st of May 1943, during the final battles of the DAK in Tunisia. He was awarded the German-Italian commemoration medal.  
  • The Wehrpass is in a perfect condition. It comes with a letter to his father confirming his promotion to Obergefreiter.  

Africa KIA Wehrpass

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