• Wehrpass to Gefreiter Karl Ruttmann. This Nürnberg born office employee was deployed as a driver with the Wehrmacht from April 1942. After assignments in Nürnberg and München he was sent to Norway with the Transportkommandatur Oslo, and from there to the Eastern Front with schwere Granatwerfer Bataillon 18 in April 1943. Shortly after his arrival he ended up in hospital for one month after he got kicked by a horse. He returned just in time for the start of the Kursk offensive - his Granatwerfer-Bataillon was assigned to the 31. Infanterie-Division at the start of the battle. After the retreat from Kursk he ended up in hospital again (October 1943) and was subsequently discharged from the military.  
  • Wehrpass in excellent and complete condition. Comes with a postwar portrait photo of Ruttmann.  

Driver Wehrpass - Norway, Kursk

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