• NSFK Flugbuch and Werkstattdienstbuch to Karl Benker, a boy born in Nürnberg 1928. The Flugbuch has his portrait photo and 67 flights entered with several types of glider planes, mostly the Schneider SG-38. The airfields are mostly in the area of Nürnberg: Hainberg, Weissenburg, Friesener Warte, Pocking, ...  
  • The Werkstattdienstbuch also has several pages of entries from 1943 and 1944. The group is completed by a confirmation from the Fliegeruntersuchungsstelle München that Benker was fit to become a Luftwaffe pilot or Fallschirmjäger.  
  • Both booklets are in used but good and complete condition.  

NSFK Flugbuch and Werkstattdienstbuch

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