• Soldbuch grouping to Oberfeldwebel Fritz Dippel. He was trained as a seaplane pilot in various units from 1939 to 1941. His first active unit was the 1. Staffel of Küstenfliegergruppe 706, from October 1941 to April 1942. This Staffel was based in Aalborg (Denmark) and flew support missions on Heinkel 59, Arado 196 and Heinkel 115. In January 1942, he added the Frontflugspange für Aufklärer in Bronze to his Flugzeugführer-Abzeichen. May 1942 he moved to the 1. Staffel of Seeaufklärungsgruppe 126, operating in Greece. He left after two months and would spend the next years in reserve seaplane units. After following a Uboat patrol training in October, he was picked up by the 12. Staffel of Kampfgeschwader 40 in November 1944. This Staffel was flying on Heinkel 177 bombers in Neuburg. He was released from service late February 1945.
  • The group consists of:
    • Soldbuch, with the cover loose but still a 100% complete, loaded with entries (including private watch, pistol and tropical trousers, Fahrradbescheinigung on the inside cover), and a great portrait photo with good view of his Frontflugspange. 
    • Abschrift of his Frontflugspange für Aufklärer in Bronze award document from January 1942. 
    • Militär-Flugzeugfüherschein, loose pages with only the cover and page 1/2 remaining. 
    • Ausweis from the Flugbereitschaft in Travemünde granting him priority boarding on any plane as an active pilot. 
    • Arbeitsbuch für Segelflieger from the DLV, complete and with many entries starting in January 1945. 
    • Geburtsurkunde. 
    • Large sized portrait photo of Dippel as a young Gefreiter.

Soldbuch grouping seaplane pilot

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