• Grouping to Organisation Todt Haupttruppführer Michael Spoo from Hillesheim (Eifel). After going through the Frontführerschule Hönow, he served as Verpflegungsmeister in OT camps within the Einsatzgruppe Ruhr from 1943 to 1945. His rank of Haupttruppführer was the most senior NCO rank. The Dienstbuch is in excellent and complete condition, with portrait photo, and has interesting entries such as a private Browning 7.65 pistol and other equipment. The Dienstbuch comes with the following extras:
    • Confirmation that he was part of the military as an OT member.  
    • Besoldungsblatt (12 pages), pay booklet that came with the Dienstbuch.  
    • Verpflichtungsbescheid.  
    • Correspondance about entries in his Wehrpass from 1943.  
    • WWI EK2 Award document, earned with Pionier-Bataillon 252. Folded in four parts, partly torn.  

OT Dienstbuch grouping

  • Product Code: DL036