• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Karl-Heinz Barthelmes. This young engineer was called up in October 1941 and served with Nachrichten units, primarily the rather obscure Feste Nachrichten-Aufklärungsstelle 9. It was stationed in Norway from 1942; first in Trondheim, later in Bergen, in 1944 in Ski near Oslo. It functioned as a radio interception and intelligence unit, intercepting the radio messages of the Allies (and the Swedish neighbours). In the Summer of 1944 the "Feste 9" moved from Norway to the Italian front. On 26th of October 1944 Barthelmes was admitted to the Luftwaffen-Ortslazarett of Caldogno - Vicenza. During the last days of the war he was part of the "Korpsgruppe Bork" in the Austro-Italian border area. Barthelmes was taken prisoner and survived the war.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition.  

Radio interception specialist Soldbuch - Norway, Italy

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