• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Adolf Bauer. He joined the Luftwaffe in August 1941 and after some basic unit he spent one month with the Luftwaffen-Propaganda-Zug (mot.) of the XIII. Fliegerkorps in April 1943, before being forwarded to the Panzeraufklärungs-Abteilung of the elite Hermann Göring Division in May 1943. He fought against the Allies on Sicily from June of that year. Upon his evacuation from Sicily to the Italian mainland early August 1943, he was admitted to a Napoli hospital suffering from malaria. He took a long time to recover and was diagnosed with some mental problems as well by the Krankenrevier of the Wach-Regiment Hermann Göring. He catched the typhus as well later in 1944 and was assigned to second line units within the Hermann Göring division (Kraftfahr-Kompanie, Flak-Inst.-Werkstatt, ...). Adolf Bauer appears to have survived the war.  
  • First issue Soldbuch with lots of entries and a portrait photo. Front cover has come loose. It is a 100% complete with all pages. Page 5/6 was wartime replaced.  

Hermann Göring Panzeraufklärer Soldbuch, Sicily 1943

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