• Saddening KIA Soldbuch to Grenadier Heinz Bauer, who was killed only days before his 18th birtday in March 1945. He had been called up in September 1944 and joined the 36. Volksgrenadier-Division soon after. This division was in continuous fighting against the Americans in the German-French border area. Retreating from the Saarpfalz to the Reich, he was killed in March 1945, and buried in Dahn, Block 5, Reihe 2, Grab 2190. The blood soaked Soldbuch was recovered from his body, half of the dog tag was added to it and likely the Soldbuch was sent like that to his family - a painful proof of his death.  
  • The Soldbuch has clear blood traces on the cover, mostly on the back, and some going through the cover to page 1/2 and 23/24. The dog tag was originally attached to the cover and matches with the number on page 1. Beneath it was written "die andere Hälfte trägt der Tote" (the other half is on the dead), notice this was written on the place where the portrait photo was removed, so the latter happened soon after his death. The Soldbuch is complete with all pages.  

KIA Soldbuch with dogtag, Western Front 1945

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