• Soldbuch to Austrian born Obergrenadier Johann Baumann, issued April 1940. He served a long time with Landessch├╝tzenbataillon 864 in Austria, and was released from service in July 1943, only to be called up again in September 1944. He was forwarded to  the 4. (MG) Kompanie of Grenadier-Regiment 133, part of the 45. Volksgrenadier-Regiment, and little later to the sister regiment Grenadier-Regiment 130. The 45.VGD fought in Poland during the Winter of 1944: it was repelled from the Warka Br├╝ckenkopf and destroyed in the Weichselbogen in January 1945. We can presume he was captured by the Russians in this area as the entries in the Soldbuch stop late 1944. 
  • The active units were not entered on the usual pages, but can be deducted from his equipment entries on page 6-7. The Soldbuch is in a very used condition but except for the portrait photo still a 100% complete with all pages present and fixed.  

Soldbuch 45.VGD Poland 1945

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