• Organisation Todt Dienstbuch to Hermann Bekker. He was a 35 year old Reichsautobahn employee from Bocholt when his Dienstbuch was opened in Berlin in 1942. He earned the Kriegsverdienstmedaille that same year. He was sent to work with the Karl Hitzbleck building company in the area of Sandnes, Norway and was issued many pieces of winter equipment (Pelzjacke, Pelzwesten, wattierte Weste, ...) for the cold circumstances in the North. He was a senior member of his unit, promoted to O.T.-Vorarbeiter in 1944, deployed as Kameradschaftsf├╝hrer and Frontf├╝hrer, who also received a permission to carry a "Faustfeuerwaffe" (pistol).  
  • The Soldbuch is in a used but good and complete condition, including the portrait photo.  

OT Dienstbuch Norway, Reichsautobahn worker

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