• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Hans Berlin. He was a student from Köln when this first issue Soldbuch was opened in July 1943. After basic training he was with several "Offiziers-Nachwuchs" units, including the Offz.Nachw.Komp.159 and the Offz.Nachw.Btl.471. His front line deployment was with Grenadier-Regiment 568, part of the 214. Infanterie-Division. This unit was fighting in Poland late 1944 - early 1945, in the Baranow bridgehead on the Weichsel river. The division was officially defeated by the Russians there on 16th of January 1945. Berlin himself had been wounded during that month; he was evacuated and finally delivered in the Reserve-Lazarett Fürsteinstein late February 1945. He was granted a Genesungsurlaub until mid April 1945 and may have seen some final action during the last weeks of the war. His POW number is on page 2.   
  • The Soldbuch is complete with all pages, except for the portrait photo, and comes with his zinc dogtag which is matching with the one entered on page 1.  

Soldbuch & Dogtag - WIA Poland 1945

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