• Soldbuch grouping to Gefreiter Ottokar Benda, a Fallschirmjäger of the 12. Kompanie of Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 3. He was a typical later replacement, drafted from one of the pilot schools in the Autumn of 1944. At that time, the regiment had (partly) recovered from the Monte Cassino battles and was deployed south of Bologna, where the Allied breakthrough was expected. It fought fiercely against the Americans on the southern slopes of the Apenines during the Winter 1944-'45, and was finally repelled by the Allies from Bologna to Ferrara on the river Po, mid April 1945. Only parts of the regiment - mostly the motorised - were able to retreat over the river Po, and Benda was one of them: he was captured in the city Padua on 21st of April 1945, as can be seen in the great entry on page 1. He survived the war to live a long life - Ottokar Benda passed away in February 2012 and is buried in Urbach.  
  • The Soldbuch is complete except for the awards page 21/22. Among the more interesting entries are a one month hospitalization in the Fallschirmjäger-Feldlazarett 1 in Norther Italy early 1945, specific pilot's equipment during his time in the Flugzeugführerschule A/118 (Stettin), and Fallschirmjäger equipment including a "Tarnbezug" and FJ Stahlhelm. It comes with his very nice NSDAP membership card as well as his Arbeitsbuch.  

FJR3 Italy Soldbuch grouping

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