• Soldbuch to Gefreiter Werner Borowczak from Gelsenkirchen. He was trained as a Pionier in 1943 and then joined Pionier-Bataillon 276, part of the 276. Infanterie-Division formed in Southern France early 1944. On 16th of June 1944, the 276.ID was retracted from their occupation area of Bayonne to move to the Invasion front in Normandy. It was deployed in action from early July 1944 in the area of Tilly and Villers-Bocage. On 7th of August 1944, the Allies broke through the lines of the 276.ID and the 326.ID in the area of Villers-Bocage / Hamars. One day later, Werner Borowczak was delivered in the Kriegslazarett 2/677 in Paris - Garches with a shrapnell wound. He was released one week later, on 15th of August 1944. By then, the Allies were knocking on the door of Paris and it seems Borowczak was one of the casulaties of the fighting in the Parisian suburbs or city center: on 27th of August 1944 he was admitted to the Militärlazarett Paris - Villemin after a bullet wound. He remained in this hospital under Allied control until after the end of the war, as it was a serious wound.  
  • Except for the removed portrait photo, the Soldbuch is in a 100% complete and very good condition.  

Normandy and Paris WIA Soldbuch 276.ID

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