• Soldbuch to Wachtmeister Arthur Brack, issued in September 1939 while serving with the 1. Batterie of Flak-Regiment 51. Quite miraculously, Brack managed to stay within this same Batterie until the very end of the war. The I. Abteilung saw action in Poland 1939, then in France in 1940. From 1941, it fought on the Northern sector of the Eastern Front, retreating to Latvia in 1944 and surrendering in the Kurland pocket. During his six years of service, Brack was wounded once, by shrapnel in January 1944. He was awarded the Ostmedaille, the Tätigkeitsabzeichen der Flakartillerie, the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse, and the rare Kurland cufftitle.  
  • Interesting entries include specific winter equipment (Filzstiefel, Pelzmantel, ...), a Luger P.08 pistol (entered twice), the Führergeschenk and the specific award entry "Bedingungen zur Verleihung des Kurlandbandes erfüllt", allowing him to wear the Kurland cufftitle. The Soldbuch is in a great condition considering it was worn the entire war. It's complete with all pages and the portrait photo.

Flak Soldbuch - Kurland cufftitle

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