• Wehrpass to Oberleutnant Fritz Hoedt. A cadastre specialist in daily life, his cartographic experience was put to use in the Luftwaffe. He was trained as a Bildstelle officer and reached the rank of Leutnant in September 1941. After a last "Kampfschule" training in Gross-Born, he was posted to the "Erprobungs- und Lehrkommando 21" in August 1942. This very interesting unit researched and trained crew members on some of the most advanced German weapons, for example the "Fritz X" and Henschel Hs 123 guided bombs. His direct commanding officer was the DKiG and later Knight's Cross winning Hauptmann Ernst Hetzel. The Erprobungskommando was reformed into Kampfgruppe 21 in January 1943, seeing action in the Stalingrad airlift campaign, then became the IV. Gruppe of Kampfgeschwader 100 in April 1943. Hoedt earned the Bordschützenschein with IV./KG100 and was admitted to paratrooper training in September 1944.  
  • By 9th of November 1944, he was deployed as Oberleutnant to the Fallschirm-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 12, part of the II. Fallschirmkorps then fighting in Holland. We can presume he was taken POW little later, as it is the last entry in the Wehrpass. The booklet is in good condition, page 1/2 partly damaged.   

FJ Officer Wehrpass, Erprobungskommando, Holland 1944

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