• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Walter Brune, issued June 1942.  This 35-year-old tax inspector joined the Luftwaffe when this Soldbuch was opened in June 1942. He fought with a number of anti-aircraft units, including the Sperrfeuerbatterie 153, later incorporated in the 2. Batterie of (schwere) Flak-Abteilung 566. With the latter, he saw action during the final phase of the war in the battle of Vienna, Austria. He was killed in action there on 7th of April 1945, apparently by shrapnel which also hit his Soldbuch. Walter Brune is now buried in the central cemetery of Wien, Block 1, Reihe 73, Grab 4.  
  • The Soldbuch is - apart from the KIA damage - in perfect and complete condition, packed with entries. These include tropical equipment, a P.08 pistol, an electric flashlight, and the F├╝hrergeschenk.  

Vienna 1945 KIA damaged Soldbuch

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