• Soldbuch to Uffizier Otto Hörrle. Soldbuch opened in November 1940, shortly after joining the Flak. Hörrle served a few years in Flak-Abteilung 195 in the area of Tours, Poitiers and Narbonne, in occupied France. December 1943 he was awarded the Flakkampfabzeichen. Moved to the 3. Batterie of Flak-Abteilung 654 in March 1944, he protected the area around Paris with his 8,8 cm heavy battery when the Allies landed in Normandy. As part of the 18. Flak-Brigade, the Abteilung was retreated north; after a short stay in Belgium early September 1944 they ended up in Holland. Flak-Abteilung 654 was stationed in Eindhoven and would find itself in the heart of the action when the Allies launched their Operation Market Garden.
  • Eindhoven was the target of the famous 101. US Airborne Division, and on the second day of the offensive, 18th of September 1944, the 88 mm guns of Flak.Abt.654 (v) were deployed as anti-tank guns in the streets of Eindhoven, holding back the tanks of the XXX Corps for a full day. Otto Hörrle survived this day of action and retreated with several other Flak units to the Ruhr area.  
  • The Soldbuch has some loose pages but is a 100% complete with all pages, a portrait photo, tons of equipment entries and a nice custom-made cover.  
  • The wartime photo (not part of the sale) added on this page shows a destroyed 8,8 cm Flak of his Abteilung in the streets of Eindhoven, credits to eindhoveninbeeld.com.  

Flak Soldbuch - Market Garden Holland 1944

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