• Wehrpass to Oberkanonier Hans Schneider. This merchant was born in Kiew, Ukraine, son of the German farmer Ernst Schneider and his jewish wife Else Kertz. He likely returned to the Heimat as a kid in 1927 and settled in Frankfurt am Main, but did not marry. He was called up for the Reichsarbeitsdienst in April 1939, then forwarded to the Wehrmacht in March 1940. He finished his Rekrutenzeit just in time to be sent to the staff of Artillerie-Regiment 31, part of the 31. Infanterie-Division, a week before it crossed the Dutch border on 10th of May 1940. He participated in the fighting in Holland, Belgium and France, then was sent to the newly erected Artillerie-Regiment 131 in November 1940.  
  • A few weeks earlier, however, The Oberkommando des Heeres had issued a new decree on the treatment of the soldiers of mixed Jewish origin. All "J├╝dische Mischlinge" of the first degree, meaning one of their parents was fully jewish, had to be discharged from the Wehrmacht. This was also the case for Hans Schneider. He was sent home to Frankfurt immediately. His and his family's final fate are unknown - though could be uncovered by further research.  
  • The Wehrpass is a 100% complete and in very good condition. It comes with the accompanying Wehrpass-Notiz, an original copy of the decree "Behandlung j├╝discher Mischlinge in der Wehrmacht" to which page 26 on his Wehrpass also refers, and the Kinderausweis from Kiew 1926, giving him a travel permit to Germany (notice the small photo of Schneider as a kid).  
  • A rare time document to a (half) Jewish soldier in the Wehrmacht!  

Jewisch Mischling Wehrpass

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