• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Ernst Dammann. Issued in July 1940 by the commander of Frontstalag 153, a prisoner of war camp located in Orléans, France. This 40-year old WWI veteran from Bonn served as a POW guard. During the second part of the war, he was transfered to the East, to a zuplly unit (Heeres-Verpflegungs-Dienststelle) in Schepetowka, Ukraine. By 1944 he had been moved back to France, with the Armeeverpflegungsamt 505 in La Ferté. He was awarded the KVKII in September 1944, added to his WWI Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer.  
  • The Soldbuch is in an excellent and complete condition. Interesting entries include winter equipment and a private Walther pistol. It comes with a postcard sized portrait photo from his WWI time, and a French permit to travel in the occupied zone, from the days of the Rhineland occupation in 1924.  

Soldbuch Stalag in France

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