• Wehrpass to Wachtmeister Johannes Donat, who served with a number of very high profile units. He joined the Wehrmacht in 1939 and started of with the low-key Artillerie-Regiment 67 in the Polish campaign. 
  • After some driving courses we see a first mysterious entry in the units list: "Kompanie Giericke, Dienststelle 17031" from late May 1940. This was the "camouflaged" name of the unit that later called Minenräum-Abteilung 1. This high secret unit experimented with prototype remote controlled Panzer vehicles in occupied France, later to be deployed in mine clearing. The Abteilung was later reformed into "Panzer-Abteilung 300 (Funklenk)". Donat stayed with this unit from day 1 on to the Eastern Front until he was treated for a STD in November 1941.  
  • He was then sent May 1942 to schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503, a newly formed Tiger unit. Due to medical issues again he was sent to second line units after three months, until he finally returned to the front in August 1944 with Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 303. He had first received extensive training with StuG.Ers.u.Ausb.Abt.600 as a StuG crew member, as Richtschütze and Geschützführer on the Sturmkanone 40. StuG-Brigade 300 retreated through Latvia at that time, and Donat was eventually killed in action on 20th of September 1944 near Misa, Latvia. He is buried in Riga under the unknown. He was awarded the EKII, the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and the Sturmabzeichen for his actions.  
  • The Wehrpass is in an excellent and complete condition.  

Tiger Wehrpass, Pz.Abt.503, Funklenk Panzer, StuG KIA

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