• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Michael Dittloff, who was already 47 years old when this Soldbuch was issued in February 1945. The father of four was born in Silesia, nowadays Poland, and served with a Landesschützen replacement unit. The Soldbuch has minimal entries ending mid March 1945, but when checking the Volksbund grave database, one can find a Volkssturmmann Johann Dittloff, with the exact same date of birth, was killed in Festung Königsberg on 28th of April 1945. Even though there are some discrepancies, the combination of this rrare surname and the date of birth seems too much of a coincidence.  
  • The Soldbuch is in excellent and complete condition. Great portrait photo with late uniform and WWI ribbon. A very light pencil entry on page 1 states that his Wehrpass was taken by his wife who had left her home to flee for the Russians who had by then taken over Silesia.  

Königsberg 1945 KIA Volkssturm Soldbuch

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