• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Theo Eggart. At the beginning of the war, he served with Artillerie-Regiment 219 of the 183. Infanterie-Division. By 1941, he was admitted to the administrative function of Kriegsverwaltungsinspector - Eggard was a bookkeeper in Würzburg in civilian life and would now serve for a few years with the Heeresverpflegungsamt Ansbach. He was awarded the KVK2 in 1943. Early 1944, he rejoined the active military as a Gefreiter and soon joined the newly formed Artillerie-Regiment z.b.V. 1020, a Heerestruppe fighting on the Western front. The last entry in the Soldbuch is on September 26th, 1944. In the coming months, the Art.Rgt.1020 would fight in the Hürtgenwald, the Ardennes Offensive and the retreat through the Eifel. What happened exactly to Theo Eggart in this time is a mystery; likely he was wounded in one of these battles, then sent home to recover. The only certainty is the sad ending: Theo Eggart was killed in his home town Würzburg on 12th of April 1945, and is still buried there. This date is a few days after the official liberation date of the city by the Americans.  
  • The Soldbuch is in excellent and complete condition. It comes with his matching aluminium dogtag, with the string still attached.  

Soldbuch & Dogtag - Ardennes, Würzburg 1945 KIA

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