• Soldbuch to Feldwebel Walter Eigner. He was in active service before the war and started off as an Uffizier with the Musikkorps of Schützen-Regiment 12, part of the 4. Panzer-Division, when his Soldbuch was opened in August 1939. After fighting in Poland, Belgium and France, he joined the staff of the newly formed Panzer-Regiment 203 in July 1941. He was also with the very similar Panzer-Regiment 201. Both units are well known to have been equiped with captured French tanks like the Somua S-35 and the heavy Char B1 bis.  
  • In December 1941, Pz.Rgt.201 was incorporated in the 23. Panzer-Division. This would be the start of the second part of Eigner's career, fighting with the 23.Pz.Div. on the Eastern Front. He was later also with the division's Schützen-Regiment 128. Retreating from the Don to the Ukraine and then Hungary, Eigner was wounded twice in December 1944: a first minor shrapnel wound on 10th of December, then a more serious wound after a bombing less than three weeks later. The Soldbuch must have been damaged during one of these occasions. After his release from hospital late February 1945, he likely didn't see much action afterwards. Eigner earned the Sudeten-Erinnerungsmedaille, the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern, and the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete with all pages, though they are loose. Very nice portrait photo in black Panzer wrapper. Notice the Soldbuch has been hit by two small shrapnel fragments; one on the upper edge, one on the left side

Panzer Soldbuch with shrapnel damage - 4.PD, 23.PD

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